Floor Stripping Waxing Services

Maintaining your business is not just a job of easy tasks it's more of a life journey of commitments and dedication. Having one team of professionals for your floor stripping waxing services is a great way to save time, money and protect your investment. Shine Time Floor Care is knowledgeable and have years of experience in stripping and waxing floors.

We Strip & Wax The Right Way

 We start by removing debris with a dust mop of the entire room. Then we apply our stripper solution by mop and let sit for a few minutes. A sharp steel razor and doodlebug pads are used to remove all the built up wax around the edges and door way entrances. We clean corners, we don't cut them. Then a low speed machine (175-300 rpm) with a black stripping brush or pad is then used to strip the old wax and sealant off the floors along with footprints, scratches, scuff marks and dirt. Once the slurry finish  is completely vacuumed off the floors we mop the floor with a neutralizing solution with a neutral ph to stop the stripping of the stripper chemical. 

Stripping VCT Floors







Waxing VCT Floors

Depending on your desired shine we then apply 4 coats of floor finish to the floor with 30 minutes to 1 hour increments of dry time between each coat. We recommend all our clients to never apply more than 4 coats of floor finish within 24 hours. We use industrial floor fans to help with dry time so that you can return to business in a timely manner. 

VCT Maintenance

Floor burnishing better known as spray buffing is the most important factor to maintain the luster and life of VCT floors. A lot of business owners think this isn't necessary for their company, but would you buy a new Mercedes and just wash it once? Chances are you'd probably want a full detail to maintain the life of the car and paint. Your first impression gives customers a great feel for the type of company they are in. We offer different plans that are customized to fit your level of foot traffic. We can maintenance VCT floors weekly, bi-weekly or monthly for the best results possible. 

Spray Buffing VCT Floors

We would like to hear from you and assist with your floor stripping and waxing needs. Contact us @ 704-578-4266 for your floor stripping waxing  services